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Kids Should Not Have to Be Educated Here!

Kids Should Not Have to Be Educated Here!
Written By Dave Armstrong

I am passionate about Malawi. In 2006 – my first time visiting – the country and its people changed my life, I am forever grateful.

My work in Malawi has been about helping the next generation, the children. Firstly, it involved feeding and clothing the children affected by HIV. Now my focus has changed to ensuring these children are properly educated. Because without education they cannot escape poverty.

The photo shows the conditions that children of Dowa in Malawi have on a daily basis in their hunger to education themselves, which is why I am fundraising to build a new school.

I am not an education professional, but I remember my own education. I was at Hawkley Hall High School in Wigan when they were building new facilities for us. I remember the feeling of entering the new science block. I wanted to learn because the facilities were clean and fresh. The current school buildings in Dowa, must have the opposite effect on those children using them.
I now have a six-year-old in education in the UK. It appears the standard of education that she receives compared to the children of Dowa is not just physical miles apart, it really is miles apart.

With the new school building at Dowa – that I have committed to build – we will not only improve the conditions, but also the quality of education.
If you can help in anyway, please get in touch. If you would like to read more, or perhaps donate, click the link below. £125,000 can make a huge difference to thousands of children in Dowa, Malawi who might just be the future politicians, doctors, business people of Malawi. You may even want to host your own fundraiser for us, a run, a coffee morning, skydive… anything really.

Thanks for reading and supporting in my quest to improve the lives of the children of Malawi.