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Design and Delivery of Specialist Accommodation

Design and Delivery of Specialist Accommodation for the Homeless And Vulnerably Housed persons

JBH Property Consulting have been working on schemes with the ODPM and CLG since the interception of the Hostels Capital Improvement Programme (HCIP).

We have been included in the design and physical delivery of 5 schemes and the development and feasibility of a further 7 schemes with values up to £4.5 million.

A detailed knowledge of the requirements of our very specific area of expertise and in particular the very human impact homelessness can cause was something that JBH ensured they had a good understanding of.

JBH exceed requirements in relation to the following:

  • Knowledge and understanding of Guidance and Regulations
  • The need for and rewards to be gained from residents, staff and neighbours involvement in design and development process.

In particular, the benefits to all sites from the establishments and maintenance of design workshops and occupant forums;

The opportunities and challenges which are possible by provision of training to companions, staff and residents within the design scheme.

JBH have pioneered provisions in conjunction with a local college and aim to build upon this as part of our ongoing commitment to retraining of service users.

We have detailed knowledge and experience in relation to idiosyncrasies of the process in relation to maintenance of neighbourly relations and associated planning process as well as understanding of established procedures for management of the project.

Good Knowledge and understanding was important to JBH Property Consulting when it came to funding pool procedures and requirements.